• Regulate and classify motion pictures, television programs, and publicity materials

• Promote an environment leading to authentic and responsible self-regulation in the film and television industry

• Initiate plans and cooperate with the movie and television industries as sources of fueling the national economy

• Promote and protect the family, the youth, the disabled, and other vulnerable sectors of society in the context of media and entertainment

• Empower the Filipino family, particularly parents and at the grassroots level, such that family members are able to evaluate and intelligently choose media and entertainment content

• Promote a value-based media and entertainment culture



• A globally-competitive movie and television industries

• Age-appropriate media as an indispensable tool for moral recovery and nation building recovery and nation building



For the public
• Encourage value-based media and entertainment culture

For the film and television industries
• Be an enabling and effective partner of the industries toward authentic self-regulation

For the workplace
• Uplift the standard and spirit of service of its human resources