Memorandum Circulars

Administrative Circular 01-2016: Principles and Guidelines Governing the Appointment of MTRCB Deputies

Memorandum Circular 01-2017: Design and Effectivity of new MTRCB Card beginning CY 2017

Memorandum Circular 06-2016: Extending the Validity of 2016 Deputy Cards until 31 January 2017

Memorandum Circular 05-2016: Non-Admission of Board Deputies during the duration of the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF)

Memorandum Circular 04-2016: Closed Captioning Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 10905

Memorandum Circular 03-2016: Special Rates for Restored Filipino Films

Memorandum Circular 02-2016: Rules on Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcast Registration and Program Content Broadcast through Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcast Service

Memorandum Circular 01-2016: New Design and Effectivity of Permit for Theatrical Exhibition

Memorandum Circular 13-2015: Principles and Guidelines Governing the Appointment of MTRCB Deputies

Memorandum Circular 12-2015: Design and Effectivity of New Deputy Cards for CY 2016

Memorandum Circular 11-2015: Non-Admission of Board Deputies During the Duration of the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF)

Memorandum Circular 10-2015: Tiered Annual Registration Fee for all Cable TV Operators and other Limited Audience Distributors



Memorandum Circular 06-2015: Revised Rules on Non-Video Publicity Materials

Memorandum Circular 05-2015: Validity of MTRCB Deputy Cards During Special Screenings

Memorandum Circular 04-2015: Design and Effectivity of MTRCB-Issued Cards for CY 2015

Memorandum Circular 03-2015: Extending the Validity of MTRCB Deputy Cards until 31 January 2015

Memorandum Circular 02-2015: Revised Rules Governing the Monitoring Duties of the Board and its Deputies

Memorandum Circular 01-2015: Amended Rules and Regulations for the Review and Classification of Optical Media Materials

Memorandum Circular 10-2014: Retention of All Publicity Materials Reviewed and Classified by the Board

Memorandum Circular 09-2014: Deferment of the Implementation of the Third Phase of the Revised Fees and Charges Under Memorandum Circular No. 12-2013

Memorandum Circular 06-2014: Implementing the Collection of Legal Research Fund Fee from MTRCB Fees and Charges

Memorandum Circular 04-2014: Proposed Revised Rules for Classification of Publicity Materials for Movies and Television Programs

Memorandum Circular 12-2013: Schedule of MTRCB Review And Classification Fees and Charges

Memorandum Circular 06-2013: Collection of U.P. Legal Research Fund

Memorandum Circular 04-2013: Gender and Development Program

Memorandum Circular 09-2012: Revised Classification Rating of Films

Memorandum Circular 08-2012: Review and Classification of Film Versions

Memorandum Circular 07-2012: Revised Guidelines on Exemption of Government Materials per Sec. 7 of P.D. 1986


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